Where Am I? 🤔

Despite the ubiquitous nature of social media and the availability of the same information across multiple platforms such as LinkedIn, some people think a “law firm website” is necessary in this day and age. Thus, in order to appease those sorts of people, I humbly present 💥BAM💥 my law firm website. 😎

I was originally tempted to put up one of those “under construction” type sites, but that’s about the dumbest thing you could possibly do with a website these days. Heck, it was even dumb back in the 1990s.

Yep! Looks just as stupid now in 2019 as it did in 1999!

Probably the only thing dumber would be a lawyer filling a law firm home page with a bunch of nonsense that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the lawyer’s law practice… 😐

By the way, did you know that I make music? I bet you didn’t. 😃 Although calling it “music” might be a bit of a stretch… 🤔 I don’t even know if any of it would technically qualify as “good,” or even “mediocre,” but I’m somewhat confident that at least some of it doesn’t “completely suck”…

Apparently somebody forgot how to shave… 🙄

Let’s see … what else, what else …? 🤔 Oh yeah! 😃 You can find me on Twitter!

In fact, I can be found on most social media platforms using the handle @gulovsen! Even in China! 🇨🇳😮 With one notable exception: Facebook. Because my aunt beat me to that… 😒

Courthouses are not supposed to be this scary! At least none of the ones I’ve ever seen. So what’s the deal with the ultra-creepy stock courthouse photo?

Fun Fact: I am the only Grant Gulovsen on the planet. I kid you not.

Which is great if you want to be found online easily…

But not so great if you don’t…

What’s that? You want to know why it’s not so great to be found online easily? Can we please talk about something else? 😳

At this point, if you’ve never met me before, you are probably asking yourself, “Is this guy for real? Aren’t all attorneys serious? He doesn’t seem very serious. I don’t think he’s real.” Although understandable, that conclusion would in fact be incorrect, because I am very serious when it comes to the practice of law. That’s because I strongly believe the following…

It is every lawyer’s duty to give the absolute best possible representation to clients at all times.

I’ve heard stories about lawyers who take forever to return client phone calls and messages or who act like their clients are always bothering them. That would be the opposite of me, because communicating with my clients is the best part of the job, which is also incredibly convenient considering the fact that…

Constant, open and honest communication between lawyer and client is without question the most important means of fulfilling the duty to give the best possible representation to clients…

Over the years I began noticing a common trait shared by every lawyer whom I respected. It had nothing to do with the reputation of the law school from which they graduated or the size of the law firm where they worked. It was the simple fact that…

The best lawyers always treat their clients with the utmost respect and never put their own self-interest ahead of their clients.

That respect thing is incredibly important. I can’t possibly expect my clients to respect me if I don’t respect them. I never forget this simple rule…

The attorney is paid to serve the client. Not the other way around.

It’s how I always do business. In fact that’s how every lawyer is supposed to do business… Hmm? What exactly is my business? Is that why you came here? 😳 Oh! That makes sense. My bad! 😅

My Business

I’ve been a licensed attorney in active practice in the State of Illinois since 1998, when I graduated from the University of Illinois College of Law magna cum laude. I spent approximately ten of the last twenty years practicing law at a civil and commercial litigation firm, eventually making partner.

The other ten years I worked in the technology sector, as an entrepreneur doing business in China, and as a solo practitioner, with a focus on intellectual property. More recently (since mid-2017) I have concentrated on cryptocurrency-related legal issues (including intellectual property as well as securities, finance, etc.).

I’ve been involved with cryptocurrency since May 22, 2013, when I bought my very first Bitcoin for a mere $124.60…

You can find more detailed information on what services I offer by clicking (or tapping or whatever you do depending on your device) on Services in the menu. Once I actually put something there, that is. 😅

So now that you know what I practice I’m sure you’d like to know where I practice. I think the best answer would be “everywhere.” However I currently call the City of Galesburg, Illinois my home, where I live with my wife, daughter and one too many cats.

Wait … what?!?

You want to know how it’s possible that an intellectual property attorney who represents clients across several continents dealing with some of the most obscure cryptocurrency-related legal issues out there could possibly be based in Galesburg, Illinois? The answer is quite simple:

Good lawyers are not defined by where they practice. Good lawyers are defined by how they practice.

As long as I have a mobile phone, a laptop and a working Internet connection, I can practice anywhere in the world and still provide the same level of service as if I worked in downtown New York or San Francisco or London or Beijing.

(here comes the windup)

And the best part of all is that because I don’t have any of the overhead associated with law practice in any of the aforementioned cities, I can provide the same quality of legal services (if not better) for a fraction of the cost. 😉

(and the pitch)

So whether you need guidance to set up a blockchain-based startup, are trying to raise funds via a security token offering, need a listing contract drafted for a cryptocurrency exchange, or even wish to discuss your options if you feel that you’ve been the victim of a fraudulent investment scheme related to cryptocurrency — basically any of the legal services commonly needed by individuals and companies in the blockchain or cryptocurrency space — and you like paying less money for those legal services than most others charge, please call my office at (309) 377-5673 or shoot me an email at grant@gulovsen.io and I would be glad to discuss the ways I might be able to help you.

If you want to know how much it costs to hire me, please click (or tap or whatever) on Pricing.

If you’ve read this far, congratulations! You’re near the end. However, if for some odd, inexplicable reason you want to read more of my stuff, feel free to check out my blog where I post occasional updates about the sorts of things I’m doing (some legal, some not).

One last thing – in case you were wondering why all the emojis? My first real exposure to social media was on Chinese platforms like Weibo and WeChat, where it seemed like everybody used emojis all the time. So it just kind of stuck. If it bothers you, all I can suggest is that you see a counselor, because life is far too short to get bothered by something like that. 😂