Attorney Grant Gulovsen Quoted in CoinDesk and Protos Media on CFTC v. OOKI DAO

Attorney Grant Gulovsen of Gulovsen Law Office was quoted in two articles this week, providing his opinions about the impact of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s September 22, 2022, complaint and order against OOKI DAO,

Not only can DAOs be sued by state and federal regulators, but – at least according to the CFTC – holders of governance tokens who participate in DAO governance can be held personally liable if the DAO violates any laws or regulations.

The CoinDesk article (published on September 26, 2022) is CFTC’s Ooki DAO Action Shatters Illusion of Regulator-Proof Protocol and the Protos Media article (published on September 27, 2022) is Explained: CFTC proves DAOs are not ‘enforcement-proof’.

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