The Security Token Crash Course is Now Online and 100% Free

During the Rise and Fall of ICOs in 2017 and 2018, many people and companies played fast and loose with regulations because for the most part they thought by claiming theirs was a “utility token,” regulations wouldn’t apply. In some cases they were probably correct. In many others, they were not… oops 😬

Now that security tokens and security token offerings (STOs) seem to be the crypto fundraising method du jour, one thing is certain – if you try to play ICO in an STO world, you’re going to find out very quickly that not only do regulations apply, but they actually must be followed… 🤔-who knew?

So what exactly is someone who is knowledgeable about blockchain and cryptocurrency but not so much about applicable securities laws or regulations supposed to do? 😳 Fear not, for I have created this free, four-part, two hour (total) Security Token Crash Course for people just like you. 👇

Still not sure? If the 100% Free part isn’t enticing enough, read what students who took the live version of the class had to say about it.

This course may not make you a “security token expert,” but it will make you more knowledgeable than most people who claim to be. 😉

Grant Gulovsen, Esq.