Nikita Ermakov

I took Grant’s Security Token Crash Course on February 2nd, 2019.
It was very well-organized and well-structured 2-hour online course, including description of the terms, applicable and regulatory framework, Howey test and the Securities Act of 1933 (the USA), and compliance of security-tokens, as well as related exemptions under Rules 501-506(b), 506(c) of Reg D. Also, Grant described the responsibilities of security token issuers and requirements for the investors (participants) in STO/DSO. At the end of the course, Grant answered to questions, provided educational materials and list of security token issuance platforms.
The information on STO/DSO provided by Grant Gulovsen was the most full and accurate I have seen so far. I would recommend Mr. Gulovsen to anyone who seeks a legal advice on Security Token Offering / Security Token Issuance in the US.