Security Token Crash Course Introduction Now Available!

Although it took several attempts before I finally realized that the “Export to Video” functionality in PowerPoint is a misnomer (the “functional” part, that is 😒), after a quick download thanks to the good people at FFmpeg (and a wee bit of the command line toolage) I was finally able to output a synced audio/video file and upload it to YouTube, here 👇

Mind you, it’s just an introduction, but the floodgates are open. More to follow!

So please take a look and let me know what you think. I don’t care if it’s positive feedback or negative feedback—just lay it on me so I know what’s good (and I’ll keep doing it 😎) and what’s not good (so I’ll stop doing it 😅). Thanks to everyone at the Alliance of Blockchain Professionals and all the other supporters who helped me get this to where it is so far. #ABP Lots more to follow! 😃