How Much Does It Cost to Hire a “Cryptocurrency Attorney?”

When considering the possibility of hiring an attorney to provide guidance on your next blockchain or cryptocurrency-related startup project, perhaps you have asked yourself one of the following questions*:

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer to advise us on our upcoming ICO or STO? 🤔

– Anonymous

Why don’t attorneys or law firms ever post their hourly fees anywhere? 🤔

– Anonymous

Why are lawyers so &%*$# expensive? 🤔

– Anonymous

Where can I find an attorney to advise my project in exchange for tokens? 🤓

– Anonymous

Who let the dogs out? 🤔

– Baha Men

*If you are asking yourself these questions, I would encourage you to seek counseling immediately to find out why, if you don't know the answer to a question, you would ask the one person whom you already know doesn't know the answer (i.e., yourself)... 🤨 Once that's all resolved, however, please return to find all the answers (except the last one — I am still trying to figure that one out). 😅🐶

I charge $200 per hour, with no hidden fees or costs, and I can offer flat rate pricing on projects with clearly defined scope and deliverables.

Grant R. Gulovsen, ESQ.

I am aware of the fact that many people consider $200/hour to be a ridiculous amount of money to pay for legal services. I totally agree. $200/hour is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for this type of work.

But the reason I only charge $200/hour is because, unlike most attorneys who practice in this area, I don't need to charge between $300/hour to $2,000/hour to cover the overhead of a large law firm located in a major metropolitan financial center with an outrageous cost of living. 😊

I also accept payment in various forms of currency including:

  • USD and other "fiat" currencies;
  • BTC;
  • ETH;
  • TUSD;
  • plus many others - just ask, but see caveat below...

Caveat: I do not, under any circumstances, accept project tokens as compensation. I understand that there are still some project founders who take this as a personal affront, and have even written an article on LinkedIn about it. But to anyone who thinks that an unwillingness to accept a project's tokens demonstrates a lack of belief in their project, my response to this is as follows:

You should never hire an attorney to "believe in your project." You should hire an attorney to help you stay compliant and to give you guidance when you have tough questions that need to be answered. Lawyers can help you to avoid failure, but they cannot guarantee success.


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