Here’s What You Can Do to Prepare for the Inevitable IEO Market Crash!

It has been four months since BitTorrent’s initial exchange offering blasted off of the Binance LaunchPad, and ever since that time IEO Fever has gripped the blockchain and crypto space. I’ve written about IEOs extensively and even authored the Must Read Guide about IEOs on Blockgeeks. Does that mean I’m “bullish” on IEOs? 😃

Hardly. In fact, based on the information I’ve been receiving, I expect them to suffer the same fate as ICOs towards the end of 2018. The only difference is that they will meet their fate far more quickly than ICOs ever did. So, given all of that, I have prepared this list of things (actually just one thing) you can do to prepare for the inevitable IEO market crash…

Learn about security tokens…

Remember when the ICO market finally bottomed out, and even the staunchest opponents of venture capital and the SEC started scrambling to re-position themselves as “STO Advisors” and “STO Experts?” Guess what? That same thing will happen again, but this time there is unlikely to be an “ICO 3.0.” So instead of waiting until everyone else is trying to become well-versed in security token knowledge (again), why not start now? Especially since you can take my Free Online Security Token Crash Course? Here’s why:

  • It’s Free (100%) 🤑
  • I Try to Make it Funny (not easy given the subject matter) 😅
  • It Gets Great Reviews (for real) 😊
  • It’s Only About an Hour Long (or thereabouts) 🤔
  • … Uh, Did I Mention It’s Free? (guess so) 😅

I could go on and on about all the great benefits to be derived from watching my Free Online Security Token Crash Course, but since I can only think of four right now, I’d be saying the same ones over and over which would get really annoying and I’m sure you have better things to do than listen to that. At least I hope so… 😳

So what are you waiting for! Click below and learn!

The Free Security Token Crash Course Beckons You…