Grant Gulovsen Featured on the End of the Chain Podcast

Grant Gulovsen, Crypto Attorney and Co-Host/Producer of The CryptoLaw Podcast, Interviewed on the End of the Chain Podcast

Back in July I was honored to be a guest on Samuel McCulloch‘s blockchain and crypto-focused podcast entitled End of the Chain. Here’s a summary from the liner notes:

In this episode, Grant and I chat about IEOs, ICO’s, IDOs and every other three letter acronym connected with crypto. Grant tells how he became a crypto specialized lawyer and we discuss Kin, Tether and Libra coin. At the end we talk about China and its relationship with Crypto.

End of the Chain Podcast Episode 21 JUL 2019 – Grant Gulovsen – Host of CryptoLaw Podcast

You can check out the episode here:

While you’re at it, please subscribe to End of the Chain as it is one of the better crypto podcasts out there (and that’s coming from someone who produces The CryptoLaw Podcast 😃).