Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced today the company’s plans to launch a series of NFTs based on its popular “Google Doodles.”

Google / Alphabet CEO Pichai Sundararajan (aka “Sundar Pichai”)

“We’ve been intrigued by the growing popularity of non-fungible tokens and given our vast library of existing Google Doodles it seemed like a logical fit,” stated Pichai. “I mean, when you see a guy like Beeple selling his doodles for $69 million you’d have to be an idiot not to try it yourself,” he laughed.

Although the decision by Google to jump on board the latest crypto gravy train du jour will no doubt add to the current NFT hype cycle, NFTs do have their critics. David Gerard, self-proclaimed “crypto wet blanket,” exasperated at just how stupid NFTs are, doesn’t even think it’s worth trying to explain them to anyone “like they are a five-year-old”:

The trouble with explaining NFTs to a five-year-old is that you’ll have a hard time convincing a five-year-old that this nonsense isn’t the nonsense it obviously is. It sounds unfathomably stupid because it’s unfathomably stupid.

Exact details of the Google Doodle NFT launch remain uncertain, but Pichai did make it clear that there were no plans to tokenize any of the April Fools Google Doodles. “That would just be silly,” he added.