From ICOs to IEOs: Just Because Something Can Evolve Doesn’t Mean It Should

“Evolution” does not always mean “better.”

I’ll come right out and say it for the sake of clarity and avoidance of any doubt: “I am not a fan of initial exchange offerings and have disliked IEOs since I first heard about them in October of 2018.” Given their obvious stupidity I figured they would fade away. Boy was I wrong…

After hearing about how IEOs are “ICOs Evolved” for the umpteenth time, I figured it was time for me to explain to everyone caught up in the FOMO why I believe that IEOs suck. After teaming up with my co-author Olta Andoni, we wrote and published the following:

Please click on the image/link above and tell us what you think. Do you agree or disagree? Do IEOs serve any useful purpose besides enriching exchanges at the expense of founders and investors? All comments are welcome and discussion is encouraged.

One thing is certain: Just because something can evolve doesn’t mean it should.