Cointelligence Was Crazy Kind Enough to Let Me Write About Digital Securities for Them – Here is the Result 😅

When Cointelligence Founder and CEO On Yavin asked me to write an article about digital securities (a.k.a. security tokens) I jumped at the chance, in part because I like his style (we both have a reputation for pissing off people in the industry due to our vocal objection to all the fraud and corruption we keep finding) and also because it gave me an opportunity to shill* my Security Token Crash Course to a much wider audience! 😃

Query: Is it still called “shilling” if you’re giving the subject of your shilling away for free? 🤔 – hmmmm.

I could tell you about the article in this post but that would be kind of stupid since it would require me having to type a lot of the same stuff twice, plus it makes me look like a boss** if a bunch of traffic hits Cointelligence from this domain, so here it is:

**Please help me look like a boss by clicking on the silly puppy below! 😎