Attorney Grant Gulovsen in CoinDesk on Crypto Regulatory Landscape

Attorney Grant Gulovsen offered commentary in Coindesk about the impact that lack of regulatory clarity about Ethereum 2.0 and masternodes is having on the crypto industry. Gulovsen authored the article “Masternodes in Legal Limbo as Regulators Fail to Act,” describing how in the nine months since announcing they were “thinking carefully” about Ethereum 2.0, the SEC has yet to provide any indication about its conclusion on the subject.

[U]ntil the SEC offers the industry some guidance on how it views Ethereum 2.0, projects that utilize or are considering utilizing masternodes are left in a position all too familiar to the crypto industry as a whole: being forced to read tea leaves instead of relying on clear regulatory guidance. As the growing list of SEC Cyber Enforcement Actions shows, attorneys make lousy fortune tellers.

Grant Gulovsen in CoinDesk